Asbestos Removal in Sydney

Trust All Southern Asbestos Removal for Asbestos Removal in Sydney

Before the 1950s, we didn’t fully understand the dangers of asbestos, but now that we know the material can cause a range of health conditions, asbestos removal in Sydney is essential. Asbestos was widely used in the construction industry before the 1980s because it was affordable and readily available. It’s also fire-retardant, which is why many building firms thought it was a useful material for the manufacture of roofs, guttering systems, drains and pipes. However, we now know that inhaling asbestos can increase your chances of contracting harmful diseases.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry too much about asbestos because it only becomes a severe issue when it’s airborne. That’s why, if you suspect asbestos may be present in your home, you should call us for an inspection. We can remove asbestos from your home and dispose of it responsibility so that it never becomes a threat to anybody else again. Keep reading below to learn more about asbestos, why it’s dangerous and why we’re a company you can trust to eliminate it from your property.


What You Should Know about Sydney Asbestos Removal

The following information will help you understand why asbestos removal in Sutherland Shire is essential:

  • Asbestos was once a commonly used material in construction: In Australia, before using asbestos was outlawed in 2003, companies used the material to manufacture more than 3,000 products, including drains, gutters, fibro, flue pipes, brakes, roofs, gaskets and clutches.
  • Humans have used asbestos for millennia: Evidenced by fossil earthenware pots found in Finland, humans have been using asbestos for at least 4,500 years. Ironically, even though your skin may itch if it comes into contact with asbestos, ancient literature suggests the substance was used to treat itching.
  • Asbestos is dangerous: Now we’ve given you a couple of fun facts regarding asbestos, we should note why asbestos removal in St George is crucial. If you inhale asbestos fibres, you may get asbestosis, which causes scarring of the lung tissues and can lead to adverse health conditions.


What You Can Expect from All Southern Asbestos Regarding Asbestos Removal in Wollongong

Here’s why you can trust our professionals for asbestos disposal in Sydney, regardless of the suburb in which you live:

  • We go above and beyond for our clients: At All Southern Asbestos Removal, we’re a standout company for asbestos removal and disposal because we don’t just carry out our work according to the state’s minimum requirements – we implement our own safety measures that surpass the standards set out in the current Safe Work Australia practices.
  • We treat your home as if it were our own: We genuinely care about making family houses safe places to live, which is why we never cut corners and leave no stone unturned. We’ll inspect every nook and cranny of your property to remove any asbestos that poses a threat to the health of your family members.
  • We’re licensed to remove bonded asbestos from every aspect of your home: We excel in the removal of asbestos which may be in your garage, fencing, eaves, bathroom, kitchen, laundries, roof, downpipes, guttering, pipework, cement sheeting, vinyl flooring, lagging and more. No matter where asbestos is present, you can count on us to eliminate it.




Problems Asbestos Removal in Illawarra Addresses

Asbestos disposal in Wollongong is beneficial because it can help prevent the following issues:

  • We can reduce the risk of you developing diseases: Asbestos is linked to a broad range of health conditions, asbestosis being the most common. However, according to numerous studies, inhaling asbestos fibres can also cause life-threatening illness. Fortunately, you needn’t worry about such an issue if you trust us to rid your home of asbestos for good.
  • We can prevent asbestos from becoming airborne: You should never attempt to tamper with any material laced with asbestos, which only becomes dangerous when the fibres are airborne. We’ll make sure you never need to worry about asbestos contaminating the atmosphere inside your house, and we’ll dispose of it in the most environmentally-conscious way possible after removing it.
  • We can bolster the safety of your workplace: At All Southern Asbestos Removal, we don’t just remove asbestos for homeowners. We can eliminate asbestos for commercial clients in Sydney too, helping you to maintain a safe working environment for you and your colleagues.


Why Use All Southern Asbestos Removal?

Our owner has more than two decades of experience in the industries of asbestos removal and demolition, meaning you can feel confident we’re a team of highly trained professionals that know how to safely remove asbestos from your home and dispose of it responsibly. We started out removing asbestos fencing for homeowners, but we can now get rid of asbestos from garages, roofs, cladding, bathrooms, kitchens and much more. If you want to find out how our friendly team of professionals can help you, call us today or book an inspection.