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Trust All Southern Asbestos REmoval as Your Asbestos Removal Company in Sydney

Are you looking for an asbestos removal company in Sydney? If so, give us a call at All Southern Asbestos Removal. Between our considerable experience, our unerring commitment to safety and our deep respect for our customers, we will deliver the quality service you deserve.


Key Questions to Ask All Southern Asbestos Removal about Licensed Asbestos Removal

If you decide to choose All Southern Asbestos Removal as your asbestos removal contractors, make sure to ask these questions to ensure the best, smoothest service possible:

  • 'What does the asbestos removal cost?’ The first question we hear from most customers is about asbestos removal price. If and when a client discovers that there is asbestos in their home, they want to know how much they will need to pay to have the issue resolved. At All Southern Asbestos Removal, we offer free, no-obligation quotes to help you budget and plan.
  • ‘Are you licensed?’ Asbestos is a dangerous substance, so you want to be careful when trusting someone to remove it from your home. Asking about licensing is always a smart first step when you seek out a removal contractor. Fortunately, our team at All Southern Asbestos Removal is qualified to offer licensed asbestos removal. Specifically, we are fully licensed and insured with SafeWork NSW and are authorized to remove any bonded (or non-friable) asbestos.
  • ‘Can I opt for demolition?’ Especially if you find asbestos in a shed, carport, garage or some other outlying building, you may be more interested in demolishing those structures and starting fresh, as well as paying for asbestos removal. At All Southern Asbestos Removal, we are also qualified to do demolition work and can offer you quotes for both the asbestos removal and demolition.




Why Use All Southern Asbestos removal?

If you learn there is asbestos in your home, don’t take the risk of not hiring asbestos contractors. Opting out of pursuing asbestos removal—and out of hiring All Southern Asbestos Removal—will lead to several consequences, including:

  • Less safety and peace of mind: Asbestos fibres are hazardous when inhaled and can cause diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis. While finding asbestos in your home doesn’t necessarily mean you and your family are in immediate danger—certain types of asbestos are more dangerous than others—you are still at risk. It is always better to remove asbestos than to ignore it. Even just having the peace of mind of knowing the asbestos is gone is worth the investment.
  • The safest removal practices: All licensed asbestos removal contractors need to meet specific requirements and safety protocols when going through the removal and disposal process. At All Southern Asbestos Removal, not only do we follow all current SafeWork practices, but we also go above and beyond them. By adhering to higher standards than many other businesses in this niche, we ensure a safer result for you and your family.


Myths about Asbestos and Asbestos Removal Companies

At All Southern Asbestos Removal, we find there are many myths about both asbestos and asbestos removal companies. These myths can lead consumers to make misguided decisions about how to handle the asbestos in their homes. Such myths include:

  • Asbestos is no longer used: Many people believe that asbestos has been banned worldwide, or that it hasn’t been widely used in decades. These are both myths. Asbestos is banned in 61 countries, including Australia. However, Australia did not officially ban asbestos until 31 January 2003. Up through the mid-1980s, Australia had an extremely high rate of asbestos usage, relative to other parts of the world. As a result, any home built before 1990 is likely to have at least some asbestos, and any house built before 2003 may have asbestos in specific building components. Furthermore, asbestos is still used in many products that are manufactured in countries where it isn’t banned.
  • All asbestos is the same: In truth, asbestos is the umbrella term given to six different mineral fibres, including chrysolite, amosite and crocidolite. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), meanwhile, come in two different forms: non-friable (or bonded) asbestos and friable asbestos. Not-friable ACMs are materials where the dangerous fibres of asbestos are bound to another material. Examples might include cement products or vinyl floor tiles. Friable asbestos is an ACM that can easily be crumbled to powder by hand pressure. Examples might include insulation or sprayed asbestos fire retardant. Neither type of ACM is truly ‘safe,’ but friable asbestos is much more dangerous because it is far more likely that the fibres will be released into the air and inhaled. Thus, homes with friable asbestos are considerably more perilous than homes with bonded asbestos.
  • I can remove asbestos on my own: Some territories allow you to remove bonded ACMs without a licence if you are only working with 10 square metres of ACMs or less. However, even if the law allows you to remove asbestos, you still must follow a myriad of training standards, removal guidelines, equipment requirements and disposal regulations. Violating any of these requirements while trying to remove asbestos is extremely dangerous and is the reason All Southern Asbestos Removal recommends that homeowners hire an asbestos removal company in Sydney for all asbestos removal needs.

Why Trust All Southern Asbestos removal as Your Asbestos Company?

If you are going to hire an asbestos company to handle the removal process for you, here are a few reasons why you can trust All Southern Asbestos Removal with your project:

  • Our experience: Our owner operator Daniel Kelly brings more than 20 years of experience in the building and construction industry to the table. This knowledge, combined with our qualifications and licensing for asbestos removal, allows us to approach your project with a builder’s eye for detail and an asbestos removalist’s skill with tricky, dangerous work.
  • Our safety precautions: As previously mentioned, we go above and beyond with our safety precautions for every removal project. We treat every job as if we were removing asbestos from our own home and won’t take any unnecessary risks with your property or your family’s safety.
  • Our friendly service: Having a toxic chemical removed from your home is a nerve-racking ordeal. We help ease the stress with friendly customer service, clear communication, transparency about our processes and detailed, start-to-finish project management.


Benefits of Hiring Asbestos Abatement Contractors

When you work with our asbestos abatement contractors at All Southern Asbestos Removal, here are a few of the benefits you are guaranteed:

  • A safer home: Put simply, our number one priority is the safety of you and your family. We will work hard to remove all the asbestos in your house, to ensure a completely safe and healthy living environment.
  • A complete solution: While we aren’t licensed to remove friable asbestos, we can provide a complete removal solution for all the bonded asbestos in your home. From flooring to pipes to cement sheeting and roofs, we can remove non-friable asbestos from anywhere.
  • Complete compliance: Don’t worry about breaking any laws or shirking any safety regulations when you work with us. As we are a licensed asbestos removalist we follow every single regulation requirement in the book, right down to using licensed waste disposal sites in NSW.


Why Hire All Southern Asbestos Removal as Your Asbestos Removal Company in Sydney?

If you are seeking asbestos removal companies Sydney, get in touch with All Southern Asbestos Removal. We can assist you with every step of the identification, removal and disposal process for the asbestos in your home. We take a potentially unsafe operation and make sure it poses no more risk to you, your family and your home than changing out the carpet. Contact us today to get started.